Welcome to Good Dog Tips!

Our family, Drummer, the big one, and Izzy, the cute one.

Our family: Drummer, the big one, and Izzy, the clever one.

This brand new website is under construction. Our business has been providing practical and effective advice on training and modifying the behaviour of dogs for many years, and we are now adding a range of online services. As computer technicians, we make great dog trainers (!!), so please be patient while it all comes together.

We’ll be posting fantastic dog behaviour and training tips right here on this site soon, so keep in touch.

We’re looking forward to talking to you when we get it up and running, but if you need help in the meantime, post a question or don’t hesitate to call us on 0402 486 460 (if calling from outside Australia, dial 61 first). We’re always happy to help!

Trina and Ray Morris


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