Dog Minding

Hello fellow dog lovers!

We have settled in beautiful Stanley in NW Tassie. As passionate dog lovers, we offer our highly experienced services to care for your dog while you enjoy some time away.

We know many people love to escape on holidays, and that pets are not always allowed in holiday accommodation.  Boarding kennels are often booked out months ahead and we also know that many dogs do not like the boarding kennel environment – which can be very stressful, noisy, emotionally demanding and prone to infectious disease.

While you are away, we will provide your dog with their own little holiday in a caring environment, where they will enjoy all the love, comfort, support and companionship they need to take their mind off missing you. We will do our very best to make up for your temporary absence with games, good food, walks and lots of cuddles – everything they enjoy receiving from you at home, we will give them here, with love and compassion.

We are not a boarding kennel, nor are we a big pet-minding business that farms out your beloved dogs to other people. We are simply a couple who adore dogs and understand the difficult position you are in!

This service is not always available all year round (sometimes we like to go away, too!), and our popularity means we book up well ahead, so call and ask about availability.

We are usually home all day, every day, so we provide constant and very individual attention to your special four-legged friend.

Trina holds national qualifications in both Veterinary Nursing and Canine Behaviour & Training, with thirty years of experience in both nursing and training. We have a combined experience of many decades of loving, training and breeding both dogs and horses, as well as rescuing and raising wildlife. We just love having animals around us – especially dogs! We love all breeds for their special traits and unique personalities.

To offer the very best personal care, we limit our availability to one or two well-socialised dogs at a time. All dogs must be fully vaccinated, wormed, free of fleas and micro-chipped prior to arrival. A careful assessment of each dogs’ temperament will be performed to ensure compatibility with each other and with our own dogs (particularly if we take dogs from different families, although this is rare).

The cost is $25 per day per dog, reducing to $15-$20 per day for long and extended stays. Reductions are also available for two or more dogs from the one household. Concessions are offered to seniors and pensioners for long and extended stays, and ‘mates rates’ are available for repeat customers.

A signed agreement form is a pre-requisite of staying with us: it gives us veterinary  authorisation and provides all the details we need to know about your pet, to help us make their stay as familiar as possible to their home routine.

To ensure no upset tummies, we recommend dogs arrive with sufficient quantities of their usual diet for the duration of their stay, but we are happy to provide healthy, balanced meals if preferred.

Administering medications pose no problems at all, and there is no additional charge for this personal touch.

So, if you are in need of a holiday and can’t take your precious furkids with you, give us a call.

We hope to see you soon!

Ray and Trina