Five week courses in dog communication, training and social development

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The DOG SQUAD – a social bunch of dog lovers!

Circular Head canine enthusiasts are invited to come and meet with other dog-loving people.

Our aim is to make friends, have fun, and learn about canine communication in a relaxed, social setting. Our dogs gain confidence by meeting new people, and learn to interact together in a safe environment. Our pooches enjoy games, playtime and agility challenges under the watchful eye of an experienced behaviourist, so the Dog Squad provides awesome physical and mental stimulation, as well as perfect socialisation opportunities.

After letting the dogs settle in with a 30 minute playtime, those who want to improve their canine communication skills can join a Lifestyle Obedience group training session with our qualified and experienced trainer.

A variety of five-week training courses are offered in introductory, intermediate and advanced Lifestyle Obedience, puppy school, complex skills, behaviour problem-solving, and agility. Canine psychology sessions are available and are highly recommended to help you understand why we train the way we do!


Stanley in NW Tasmania

Play sessions:

Socialisation and play time sessions run for approximately 30 minutes – usually on Sundays at 2:00pm and, depending on demand, sometimes on Tuesdays at 11:00am

Training Classes:

Training classes run for 60+ minutes over five consecutive pre-scheduled Sundays, at 2:30pm, following the play session. There is a minimum class number of four and a maximum of ten, so book early to secure your place. If there is sufficient demand for mid-week classes, a training program will also be run on Tuesdays at 11:30am, after the morning play session.

Our most popular Canine Communication training course is the Introductory Lifestyle Obedience program, suitable for novices (people or dogs) who haven’t done any, or only minimal, training before. Introductory Obedience is ideal for young dogs who have recently completed puppy school, and need to take their early training to a deeper level. If your dog hasn’t completed puppy school, that’s fine! Just come along and we’ll get you going with some fantastic canine communication (training) skills. If you trained dogs many years ago, you may be surprised how far the world has come in dog psychology and how different training methods are these days, so our Introductory Lifestyle Obedience is also ideal to get you going on Positive Training techniques.


The next five-week course is starting soon, so please register your interest now and submit a completed enrollment form, available from us by email, or found on this website under the Forms tab.

COST: The Dog Squad Passport

This fantastic concept offers participants big discounts and enormous flexibility! Each Dog Squad Passport costs $150. It consists of 10 play session stamps and 5 training class stamps. In total, these sessions are valued at $230, so the $150 purchase price is excellent value – you are getting ten play sessions for FREE!

Apart from offering a 35% saving, your passport means you can come and go as you like between play sessions.

If you prefer not to hold a Dog Squad Passport, you may be able to come along on a casual basis – provided there is space for casuals – and pay $8 per play session or $35 per training class.

Full payment is required to secure a place on the training course, so please complete your Passport Application and return it with your payment as soon as you can, to avoid disappointment. Class numbers are limited! Payment can be arranged by contacting us.

Please email or text me a clear mug shot of your pooch for their passport!


There are four annual events that The Dog Squad supports: the Circular Head Family Show, the Stanley Christmas Parade, the Smithton Christmas Parade and the RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk. We not only participate in the latter…. we run it, so it’s the biggest event in our yearly calendar.
I look forward to the whole Squad coming together for these events to show off what we do best – laugh, chat, smile and have fun with our dogs… with some great dog tricks and obedience training skills on display!

So, once again: welcome to the Dog Squad! Contact us for more information!